Residential Architects Nashville

As residential architects in Nashville, it’s an exciting time to be creating beautiful spaces in this city. Nashville has been growing. Recently featured on Trip Advisor’s top 25 places to visit list, the Athens of the South has cemented its spot as one of America’s “It” communities. Forever the destination for tourists who love country music, Nashville has also become a more permanent destination for young professionals and families from a variety of backgrounds.

As Nashville’s population is building, so are its residents. Homes, new and old, are evolving to reflect the cultural identity of the Music City: vibrant and innovative, but true to its relaxed Southern roots. A tour through Nashville takes you all the way from antebellum neoclassical style homes to Greek revival and purely contemporary architecture. Whether it’s a careful restoration or a modern interpretation, Nashville residential architecture captures both the past and the future of a town that is quickly trending toward award-winning architectural design.

When it comes to designing your Nashville custom home, Mitchell Wall is the perfect choice of architect to translate your unique Nashville life into a functioning work of art that you can sleep in at night. Whether it’s late-night live music, fabulous green spaces, institutional education, or a mix of it all, Mitchell Wall can bring your Nashville vision to life in any architectural style. Our design process ensures that we learn everything about how you live your day to day and how you would like your home to function for you. The end result is a space that achieves all of your goals and represents your own unique aesthetic.

Nashville Services

Custom Homes

A custom home designed by Mitchell Wall expresses your own interpretation of what Nashville style means to you. The homes we design meet the functional needs of your family’s life while building out the details with sophistication and beauty.

Commercial Design

Our experience reaches past the residential into commercial design. We can create a beautiful space for any Nashville business, something that is both unique in style and function. Our portfolio is filled with gorgeous and award-winning spaces for restaurants, retail, institutional buildings and more.

Interior Design

Your home is more than the angle of walls, or a geometric space. Home is in the details. We keep those details in mind throughout the design process. The end result being a finished home that is fully-realised through to the smallest detail.

Nashville Interior Designers

Designing interiors for Nashville homes can mean incorporating a variety of interior design styles. There’s really no one specific style Nashville homeowners are looking for, and that’s what we love so much. Together, with you, we want to define what modern interior design is in Nashville, even if it still has a little 1779 to it.

When we set out to design the interior of a home, we take all of the interior finishings into consideration. We don’t want to just give you the skeleton. From Nashvegas neons to the perfect kitchen to cook Hot Chicken, we want to ensure your space reaches its full potential by completing a design that includes every detail. At Mitchell Wall, we place as much emphasis on interiors as we do architectural features. That’s what makes our work so special.