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Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design was founded in 1976 as Mitchell Wall and Associates. Our founder, Mitchell Wall, created the firm in response to a growing need in St. Louis for high end residential design and custom homes. With the aid of his wife Carol’s astounding business acumen, the firm thrived and grew becoming the premiere residential architecture firm in St. Louis.

In 1999, with Mitchell’s passing, Carol was faced with a decision. Carol, who will be the first to tell you she is not an architect, decided to keep the firm going despite the loss of her husband and partner. For 12 years she maintained and grew the business, and despite all odds managed to keep it alive throughout the great recession. In 2011, Mitchell and Carol’s son Thomas Wall returned to St. Louis to begin working with the firm. It was not long until Tom found his footing and began taking over the role that his father had once played: bringing Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design once again to the forefront of custom home residential design.

In recent years, the business has grown beyond the borders of St. Louis with houses being commissioned all over America.

Mitchell Wall’s legacy continues to this day, thriving in client based residential design based on the philosophy that we exist only to serve you.

The Mitchell Wall Team:Creative, exciting and grounded in reality.
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