Residential Architects Kansas City

As residential architects in Kansas City, we get to design and build beautiful homes in an equally beautiful city. Kansas City is an architects dream to work in.

Much of the architecture of Kansas City dates back to rapid growth in the early 20th century, featuring a wealth of buildings in the art deco style. But Kansas City’s architecture isn’t just one note. Since that time, many great architects have used the natural beauty of Kansas City and the surrounding environment as a backdrop for some of their best works including renowned architect Mies van der Rohe, a favorite of our own Tom Wall. Tom created an award-winning skyline wall design for his son’s bedroom that features one of Mies’ most recognizable works.

Mitchell Wall has years of experience and strong ties to Kansas City and its architecture. When you are ready to choose a residential architect in Kansas City, the architects at Mitchell Wall will guide you through the design and build process, taking into account all of your family’s needs and personal taste, and use that to build a home that feels perfectly in sync with your life.

Kansas City Services

Custom Homes

Bring your idea of Kansas City residential architecture to life with a custom designed home. The architects at Mitchell Wall design custom homes in Kansas City that speak to exactly who you are.

Commercial Design

Mitchell Wall is a perfect choice of architect for a Kansas City business or commercial design. We have built several gorgeous and award-winning spaces for restaurants, retail, institutional buildings and more.

Interior Design

Your home’s design doesn’t stop with simply the exteriors and walls. We design spaces that encompass everything down to the interior design details.

Kansas City Interior Designers

For Kansas City interior designers the opportunities are endless. The culture of Kansas City is growing more diverse each day and more people are actively exploring what bringing their style into their home interiors really means to them. The Mitchell Wall approach to both architecture and interior design is a holistic one. Our designs plan for the big picture, marrying architectural features with colors and textures for a complete design that flows effortlessly throughout the home. We love getting to know our clients so that we can take their preferences and translate them into a gorgeous interior design that speaks to their style perfectly, creating a space they can truly enjoy every day.