Whittemore House, Washington University St. Louis St. Louis | MO
Whittemore House, the Faculty Club of Washington University St. Louis

The Whittemore House is a private club for faculty, staff, and friends of Washington University in St. Louis. Originally constructed in 1912, the Whittemore House opened its doors as a club in 1969 and provides private meeting rooms, a bar and breakfast area, a lovely living room, an inviting veranda, and two dining rooms. The Whittemore House is located at 6440 Forsyth Blvd., directly across from Washington University’s Danforth Center.

Mitchell Wall worked with the Board of the Whittemore House and with Washington University, in its first major renovation since 1969. Our marching orders were to bring the Club into the 21st century, modernize all materials and technology, yet maintain its beautiful “bones” and structures.

All systems were renovated, and all furniture and furnishings were updated. The food service for Whittemore House is provided by Catering St. Louis. The General Contractors are Interface Construction.

  • Residential
  • Non-Residential
  • Interior
  • Additions
Project Partners
  • The Whittemore House Board of Directors, Washington University St. Louis
  • Catering St. Louis
  • Interface Construction
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