Working With an Architect: Phase Four

This third and final installment of our series, “Working With an Architect,” will describe how we approach phase four, contract administration.

An architect provides contract administration as a service to oversee the construction process and act as an agent of the client.

For more information about working with an architect, please view our first two blogs in this series:

Continue reading to learn what an architect is tasked with during this final phase of the architectural project process.

Phase Four: Contract Administration 

The architect’s responsibilities involved in this phase include:

Site Visits

Depending on the construction phase, your architect will visit the job site weekly or bi-weekly. During the visit, they will observe the completed work and work still underway, answer questions from the contractor, and observe the general progress of the project.

Reviewing Pay Requests 

When a contractor submits a request for payment (RFP), the architect reviews the request to ensure that all the work the contractor is requesting compensation for has been completed correctly. If the contractor requests payment for materials, the architect ensures those materials are on site.

Preparing Reports

After a site visit, the Architect prepares a report outlining the progress since the previous visit, upcoming benchmarks, calls to action, and other elements to inform the client of their project’s progress. Photographs are often included.

Composing A Punch List 

Once construction is completed, the architect walks through the project with the client and composes a punch list of items that remain to be completed or must be redone to the client’s satisfaction. The architect continues to revisit this list until the contractor has completed all the noted items.

Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design: Dedicated to Our Clients

It is the architect’s responsibility to balance their vast experience with the client’s wants and needs to foster a vision that meets the expectations of everyone involved. If you feel you’re not being heard or your needs are not being met, please get in touch with your architect, and express this.

At Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design, we are trusted to realize a client’s dream; that is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

We embrace architecture as a complicated and demanding process and apply our team’s ultraprecise eye for detail and unparalleled attentiveness to flawlessly execute your project according to your needs.

Are you in need of an architect? Call us at (314) 576-5888 or fill out this contact form, and a team member will reach out as soon as possible.

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