Top Interior Design Trends For 2019

New year, new you, new look for your home? If you’re looking to switch up your home furnishings in the coming year, here are a few of the top interior design trends for 2019 to ensure your home is stylish throughout the new year.


In anticipation of 2019, we’re seeing a few trending color choices. One of these is bold, primary colors. The use of these richer hues in your home as accents can make existing neutral or muted colors pop. Colors like bold reds and yellows are growing in popularity as we see trends shift from dusty, muted colors to these vibrant, warmer hues. These bold colors are great for adding a complementary contrast to your existing style.

Another color that is going to be big in 2019 is matte black. While the use of black, white and other neutral colors is a timeless trend that will always be in vogue, expect matte black to have a particular presence next year. Matte black is a little more relaxed and modern than a glossy or high-shine black, which makes it easy to incorporate into any space. Where a high-shine black might be more dramatic and loud and clash with certain decors, a matte black is a little more understated.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns grew in popularity in 2018 and will likely become a full-blown trend in 2019. The uniform rectangles of subway tile have been on-trend for a few years, but expect to see bigger and bolder patterns in tilework and more in the coming year, including more triangles, honeycombs and other dimensional shapes. If you want to take advantage of this trend but still spare your walls and floors a total makeover, consider adding geometric accents in the form of patterned area rugs, art prints, window treatments, an end table, wall accents and more.


Sustainability is something that has become more important to individuals in every aspect of their daily lives, and that includes their home. With the growing popularity of efforts toward sustainability, we’re seeing a few differing interior design trends for 2019 pop up. More natural materials will most likely maintain their trendy strongholds as crisp, clean-looking materials that are easy to compliment. In addition, get ready to see more furnishings made entirely from recycled or repurposed goods and environmentally friendly materials. Trends are steering away from mass-produced furniture and toward smaller, more unique pieces from local businesses and artisans.

Whether it’s made from repurposed materials by a local artisan or not, look out for designs that borrow from the sustainable aesthetic by using materials like natural fibers, cork, concrete, granite, copper and more.



The trend toward artisan-made furnishings from local, smaller shops overflows into a few different trends on this list, including lighting. For statement lighting pieces, we’re seeing a heavier reliance on more unique and custom furnishings. Pendant lights in particular remain a popular choice and when paired with other trends on this list (natural fibers, geometric patterns, metallic accents) can do double duty for keeping your home on trend.

Heavily textured furnishings

More heavily textured fabrics are coming back into vogue, plush velvets and bouclé in particular – both in interior and fashion design. Boho chic design has been in fashion and continues to grow in prominence, and these two materials are intrinsic to that style. These funky, heavy textures play into the expanse of boho and other returning 70s décor trends.

Metallic Fixtures

In 2018, it’s possible that we saw rose gold peak in its enduring popularity. In 2019, expect more metallic alternatives to stainless steel to crop up and possibly dethrone rose gold. Look for copper, brass, golds, chrome and blackened metals to become more of a presence.

Small-scale, versatile furnishings

Whether you’re embracing the tiny home lifestyle in practice or in theory, you can take advantage of growing design trends that focus on making smaller spaces more accommodating, like collapsible or fold-out storage, dual purpose seating or accents, convertible or storable furniture and more. Regardless of the size of your space, these elements contribute to a functional, streamlined design and a clean, minimalist space – another on-trend look.

Whether you’re due for a complete interior redesign or just looking to incorporate a few new trendy pieces, you’ll be sure to cruise through the year in style by incorporating these top interior design trends for 2019 in your home.

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