Meet Tom, an architect with an extraordinary journey that has shaped his unique approach to design. Graduating from Cornell in 2003 with a degree in medieval literature, he initially took an unexpected detour and became a DJ in Los Angeles before his passion for architecture led him to pursue a master’s degree at the University of Kansas in 2007. During grad school, he lived in Copenhagen for six months, immersing himself in the world of furniture design and Scandinavian architecture.

Tom’s architectural style is a beautiful amalgamation of his diverse experiences and academic background. His time in Copenhagen enriched his perspective, infusing his designs with elements of Scandinavian minimalism, functionality, and harmony with nature. The modernist movement, combined with his love for contemporary design, influences his work, as he believes in creating spaces that stand the test of time while embracing innovative ideas.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Tom cherishes his family deeply. He is married to Megan, his unwavering support and partner in business and in life. Together, they have two boys, Henry and Fletcher, whose creativity and curiosity they nurture wholeheartedly.

Outside of architecture, Tom’s hobbies are ever changing. He has learned several instruments, studied a variety of languages, and even delved into electrical engineering. He is fascinated by puzzles and figuring out how things work. He finds inspiration in constant learning and strives to keep his mind open to new ideas and experiences. Halloween holds a special place in his heart, as he believes it to be “the most creative holiday,” embracing its spirit of uninhibited expression and delight.

Meaningful architecture is Tom’s core philosophy. He believes that spaces should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also carry a profound sense of purpose. Tom aims to create environments that foster a sense of community, inspire positive emotions, and promote well-being. His dedication to infusing meaning into every project makes him a visionary architect, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those who experience his thoughtful designs.