Megan grew up in a family-owned business, so it just made sense for her to join her husband Tom at Mitchell Wall.  For fifteen years, Megan used her doctorate in physical theory to work with developmentally delayed children. But in 2016, she broke away from her storied career of teaching children to walk in order to found Four Walls Industries: a company that remodels and flips houses. Her business also provides design, budget, and general contracting services for clients in renovation or remodeling projects throughout the St Louis area.  Megan has her real estate license and loves to look at “fixer-uppers” for her clients.  Megan’s preternatural ability to see the possibilities of a home is second only to her ability to execute those visions in a timely and budget-minded manner. Megan wears several hats at Mitchell Wall, from running the books to working with clients to develop their interior designs. When she isn’t busy being a mom or chasing her two boys around, Megan loves tennis, reading, sewing, and live music.  And Megan is most decidedly a cat person.