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The story of this addition is the story of them: a family with five young children that needed breathing space, that needed an addition whose architectural functionality would change their lives. The parents wanted to be able to see the children at all times, yet foster their independence; a 21st century lifestyle; and more natural light into the rather dark house. They loved their farmhouse, but were bursting at the seams in the 2,400 s.f. home. And this project was about getting the most square footage possible.
The addition doubles the size of the farmhouse, and ties into the old house seamlessly: we did not want the addition to eat the house. The sequencing blends the old with the new. Upstairs, bedrooms and bathrooms were added. On the main floor, the new kitchen/breakfast room/gathering room all flow into one contiguous space.

Architecture affects how time is used, and punctuality is king to a family with five young children. The family center serves as the landing pad. It was an important design consideration that the children have to go through the family center from the garage, to enter the house. There, the children deposit their sports equipment, school bags, and detritus from their day. There, laundry is done while Midnight takes hernap .Another way to sequence from the garage to the house is only for the parents.

The homeowners were reluctant to build the traditional back porch, but came to realize that the porch mediates how their home transitions to their backyard. The large steps leading to the back porch mimic theatre style seating. There, the parents sit and watch their children as they play, and keep an eye on their exotic chickens.

The addition doubles the size of the farmhouse, respects the character of the original house, and the needs of today’s family.

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