Lafayette Square Renovation St. Louis | MO
Lafayette Square Renovation

The kitchen in this Lafayette Square home was designed to blend with the existing 19th century house. The young and active family enjoys a 21st century lifestyle in their new and expanded kitchen: keeping it small would be a disservice to their family. During programming and planning meetings, common characteristics emerged which define the new kitchen and family area: a homey touch, rustic, simple with an abundance of natural light. The homeowner did not want mixed cabinets that are made to look like old pieces of furniture, nor cabinets to the ceiling.

Simplicity was key, with a built-out wall, hidden pantry and muted colors. The sinks were designed to communicate with the room and not face a wall. We designed one double sink and one prep sink which is located on the island, with a refrigerator drawer next to it in the island. Towel bars were part of the island design as is the brass foot rail. The family only eats fresh and organic foods so the many drawers are there to store fresh ingredients. Since they eat only fresh foods, we have just one freezer drawer at the base of the refrigerator, and no other freezer space. There is a separate dishwasher drawer.

The beautiful hood and tile backsplash at the cooktop are a focal point of the new kitchen. All appliances and foods are stored and not in view except for the homeowner’s coffee/espresso machine. There is no clutter on the exquisite marble countertops. There are no televisions or computers in the kitchen. A pantry was designed in lieu of cabinets.

Lighting was of the utmost importance and the homeowner chose can lights throughout. The homeowner chose the kitchen chandelier. We also have under cabinet lighting. The stairs were opened, and outdoor living was added.

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Project Partners
  • Steve McMillan, McMillan Construction Group, Builder
  • David Sheu, McMillan Cabinetmakers, Cabinets
  • Alise O'Brien, Photography
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