The Energy Efficient Home Clayton | MO
The Energy Efficient Home in Clayton

This home is the first, ground up, newly constructed home in Clayton to be recognized as Green. While maintaining its impeccable charm and cottage feeling, it is state of the art in Green technology. The appearance of the home blends with and enhances the older neighborhood, while integrating the best in construction methods and residential technologies.

The home includes an outstanding insulation package; solar panels; geothermal ground source heat humps; ample natural light to reduce the use of artificial lighting; native plantings and vegetation; a variety of enjoyable outdoor spaces; regionally manufactured brick; underground storm water detention system; and an infill site.

The architecture of the house blends with the neighborhood. It is an exquisite cottage, with interior and exterior living spaces. Traditional in style, the home is comfortable yet elegant and serves the homeowner well.

  • Residential
  • Custom Homes
  • Outdoor Living
Project Partners
  • Chuck Schagrin, Amherst Corporation Butterfly Works
  • Clayton Engineering
  • Frontenac Engineering
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