Cascade Mausoleum Bellefontaine Cemetery, Saint Louis, MO
Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design mausoleum
Cascade Mausoleum

The Cascade Mausoleum was a very special project for MWAD. Not only is it the first new mausoleum in Bellefontaine Cemetery in over 70 years, but we were also given creative freedom by the client to develop the concept. The result is one of our most inspired works. Using the client’s faith as the basis for design, we created a grid system that overlaps the Holy Trinity with the three primary elements of man: mind-body-spirit. The intersection of these grid lines establishes the location for the meaningful and influential moments of the design.

The mausoleum also features a cross at the top of the stairs that is cut into a two-foot-thick block of granite. On December 20th at 12 noon (a date important to the client), a projection of the cross shines onto the landing at the crypt level.

To ascend the mausoleum is to take a metaphorical journey from life (outside) to death (crypt level) and finally ascending to the afterlife (the top level) where one is gifted the expansive and glorious views otherwise hidden.

Our work on the Mausoleum was full service in every sense of the word. We worked with the client to select the site. We developed the design and permit documents. We collaborated on all feature elements (glass, gates, stone). We maintained a presence throughout construction and we oversaw the entire process.

You are welcome to visit the Cascade Mausoleum and experience it first hand by going to the Bellefontaine Cemetery in St. Louis, MO.

Photos by Alise O’Brien Photography and MWAD staff.

  • Non-Residential
Project Partners
  • Tarlton Corporation (General Contractor)
  • Eureka Forge (Iron Gates)
  • Emil Frei Art Glass (Stained Glass)
  • Abraham Mohler (Sculptor)
  • Mason Made (Stone Distributor)