How to Make Your Backyard Feel Like a Resort

Envision stepping into your backyard and hearing the water trickle from a fountain and seeing the growing light from hanging lanterns and bold colors of tropical foliage. Can you already feel yourself relax?

Here are 9 design moves you can use to transform your backyard into a daily oasis that feels like a vacation destination. In the end, you’ll know how to make your backyard feel like a resort.

#1. Achieve Soft Outdoor Lighting

Do you enjoy relaxing outdoors in the evening? A well-lit backyard enhances both the ambiance and safety of the space.

You can achieve soft outdoor lighting by placing solar lights along pathways, spotlights on trees, hanging lanterns, and downcast wall lights. A fire pit also works, and with the heat it provides, you can increase the time you spend outdoors during chilly spring or fall nights.

#2. Rethink Outdoor Seating Options

Instead of standard chairs, opt for lounges, poofs, or hanging swings for a more relaxing atmosphere. In fact, pool lounges designed to be half submerged in the water will allow you to dip your toes.

These pieces should be comfortable while stylish, as they will also serve as focal points.

#3. Choose A Color Palette or Theme

Play up the pool with colorful throw pillows, decorative umbrellas, and attractive furniture. This is a great place to start with a chosen color palette or theme. Here are some examples!

Desert Hues

Embrace the vast desert landscapes of the Southwest by incorporating an organic color palette of muted rose, ochre, and taupe with a touch of lively green. Textured decor like terracotta vases and plants like succulents and cacti compliment the look.

Sunny Yellow

Create a warm and inviting backyard patio by combining shades of sunny yellow and bright white. You can set out a white bistro set, place a honey-hue rug underneath, and put pots of cheerful yellow daisies around. Incorporating black cushions and light fixtures will accentuate the lighter shades.

Coastal Colors

Explore a calming color palate that’s inspired by the sea. Set the scene with a deep seating set in a grey hue, adorned with sage and sky blue pillows. You can complete the coastal ambiance with beige rugs and planters, along with driftwood decor, to bring the feeling of the shore to your backyard.

#4. Hang a Hammock

Merely gazing across the yard at a hammock gently swaying in the shade can make you relax.

To hang one up, find a suitable spot between sturdy trees or posts, or invest in a hammock with a stand. Make sure the area underneath is covered in grass, bark mulch, or gravel to create a soft landing.

#5. Get a Tropical Look With Plants

Does a resort make you think of the tropics? If so, you can use small palms, ornamental grasses, and bright-colored flowers to create a tropical feel in a non-tropical climate. Other plants like bamboo, birds of paradise, and canna can help achieve the desired look.

#6. Invest in an Outdoor Shower

With an outdoor shower, you don’t have to bathe indoors. This alternative offers a refreshing way to cool down and makes cleaning up easier. If you or the kids stepped in some mud, an outdoor shower would keep the floors from getting dirty.

#7. Add a Water Feature

Adding the soothing sound of running water can instantly turn any outdoor area, large or small, into a peaceful sanctuary.

It can also mask the unwanted noise from air conditioning units and traffic in urban or suburban settings. If reducing noise is a priority, choose a fountain that has a fall or splash in its design.

#8. Stock a Bar Cart

Have tropical drinks, spritzers, or iced teas readily available in your backyard oasis. A great way to do that is by stocking a bar cart with the essentials. Plus, if you’re feeling fancy, you could add a cocktail umbrella stick or other vacation-style topper to your beverage.

#9. Set up an Outdoor Cinema

Who doesn’t love seeing a movie on the big screen? There’s something wonderful about sitting down and watching your favorite film projected on a massive scale, especially from the comfort of your backyard.

You can even throw a viewing party for your friends. All you’ll need is a projector, projector screen, and a list of movies, and you’re ready!

Create Your Dream Backyard With Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design

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