Home Addition Ideas That Will Add Value

When contemplating adding an addition to your home, you want to consider additions that will not only increase the quality of your time spent in your home, but also those that will add value to your home. Additions in general tend to increase the livable square footage of your home, which inherently increases its value, but homeowners can easily get carried away with additions and wind up with a home that isn’t smartly designed or thoughtful. Here are a few ideas for additions that are sure to add value, both to the time you spend enjoying your home now and if you plan to sell it in the future.

Add on to the kitchen

One of the most popular spots for an addition is the kitchen. As one of the focal points of your home, the kitchen is also an important determinant of your home’s value. Even the slightest kitchen remodel can provide an increase in the value of your home. Expanding the space in your kitchen to add additional features, or just additional space, can have a high return on investment in terms of the total valuation of your home.

Expand the bathroom, or add another one

After the kitchen, bathrooms have one of the highest ROIs for additions or renovations. You can either choose to expand an existing bathroom or add a small half bath. Adding a small half bath is a great way to bump up your home’s bathroom count, which can positively impact its value.

Add a mudroom

A mudroom can be a small addition that goes a long way. Mudrooms are frequently attached to entry- or exitways and typically incorporate wall hooks, cabinets, cubbies and other storage solutions to keep coats, shoes, backpacks and other accessories organized. Whether you’re expanding a space in your home to create the mudroom or changing the interior design of an existing space, mudrooms add extra storage space and visual appeal, and they are quickly becoming a highly sought-after feature in homes.

Enclose your porch or patio

Enclosing your front porch or back patio (or both) and turning it into either a sunroom or an outdoor living room can add value to your home without significant structural changes to your home.


A house bump out, or micro-addition, is a small addition that’s an extension of a room. These additions can be as small as two feet and as large as 15 feet. Because they typically do not require a roof or foundation work, they can be a cost effective way to add some additional space to your home. Potential micro-additions can include a bump out in a master bedroom to allow space for a tub, extending a kitchen to allow space for an island or add an eat-in space, or adding a window seat in a bedroom or living room.

Finish the basement or attic

Converting the basement or attic into a finished room is a great way to take space you already have and use it to add value. Whether you use the new space for a bedroom, rec room, den, home gym, office or any other purpose, you’ll be adding a lot of value to your home without adding a large physical addition.

Convert the garage

Converting the garage into an additional room is another way to enhance the space you already have. These projects are typically pretty affordable as far as home additions go and, as a result, have a fairly decent return-on-investment value.

Build a room over the garage

If you don’t want to convert your garage, and if your garage is detached or otherwise has space available above it, consider adding an apartment or bonus room above the garage.

Add an additional story

It’s certainly the most ambitious addition project on this list, but adding an additional story does add significant value to your home. Understandably, it does come at a respectively higher cost than other additions, but it may be the addition that makes the most sense for your current home or lot size.

No matter which addition options you choose, these home addition ideas are sure to add value to your home.

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