Exploring the Beauty of Maximalist Interior Décor & Design

The beauty of maximalist interior décor and design is that it is meant to be personal, so there are very few rules. There are basic design choices that can help guide your thoughtful dive into aesthetically pleasing chaos. Still, ultimately, success comes in the form of personalized details that transcend a space from strange and quirky to oddly satisfying and comforting.

Of all the maximalists in the world, you will find many art or souvenir collectors because the style gives these imaginative spirits the freedom to design their spaces in ways that showcase their collections and highlight their passion for said items harmoniously. But is maximalism only achievable through a Creative’s genius and artistic vision? No!

Maximalism is free for anyone to enjoy.

Defining the Maximalist Interior Style

Where interior decorators define minimalism with clear and simple rules, they cannot confine maximalism to distinct guidelines. It is an undefinable style whose execution and final product are:

  • Diverse,
  • Particular, and
  • Personal.

However, it is possible to highlight the characteristics we commonly observe across various maximalist spaces.

Organized Chaos

Organizing chaos is a balancing act of styling décor elements that are paradoxically contrasting yet complementary. At its root, maximalism is the practice of creating unique, diverse, and authentic combinations of interior décor items such as:

  • Furniture,
  • Home Appliances,
  • Light Fixtures,
  • Rugs,
  • Wallpaper,
  • Wall Art, and
  • Personal/Niche Tchotchkes.

So, how do we organize chaos?

Using Through Lines to Stay on Theme

The key to taming the chaos is establishing through lines. A “through line” refers to a shared recurring element or theme among items comprising a series or parts of a whole. In interior decorating, we can establish through lines using base design elements such as:

  • Color,
  • Material,
  • Shape, and
  • Texture.

Maximalism is a reaction against conformity, and while through lines may appear to contradict that reaction, they hold immense potential for personalization. Their function is to create patterns in the differing interior décor items, resulting in a cohesive image containing a “slight disturbance”—the room’s appearance is visually appealing and stimulating simultaneously as our brains search for the patterns holding the eclectic space together.

Bold Color Choices

If you peruse the paint aisle, you will find an impressively large amount of varying color shades and hues. A benefit of maximalism is the liberation to play with colors that other interior décor styles place limitations on, clearing a space where self-expression takes center stage.

We can incorporate color wherever we want, even by breathing new life into a vintage piece. Sometimes, the artistry and charm of an antique table or armoire are hard to beat. Adding a fresh coat of paint or lacquer allows us to personalize and carry a wholly unique piece into the present day.

Growth & Change Over Time

An intriguingly beautiful aspect of maximalist interior style is its ability to reflect an individual’s humanity and distinctive personality traits through inanimate objects and materials. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day; the best things take time, and like people, the spaces we inhabit evolve continuously.

Maximalism is about self-expression. It is an enjoyable journey, not overwhelming. So, there is no need to fill a room as fast as possible. We can find the items that speak to us the most at our own pace, giving us room to breathe new life into a space with carefully hand-picked pieces while letting go of those we have outgrown. Let go of perfection and focus on your personal beliefs, feelings, and values for a comfortable and enjoyable environment that serves your lifestyle needs.

Find Your Interior Style with Expert Architects & Designers

The skilled architects and designers at Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design understand that designing a custom home is a profoundly personal experience. That is why our team goes above and beyond to help give you a dream home with everything you have always wanted and more.

Let us help you build the house you deserve. To learn more about our services, please call us at (314) 576-5888 or complete our online contact form at https://mitchellwall.com/contact/.

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