Interior Design Process


We will meet with you and define your program. This meeting explores your likes and dislikes, your requirements, and relationships of spaces. We will develop and refine your program as we proceed. As part of the process, we will visit your current home to determine how you live today, what works and doesn’t work for you, and how you’d like to live at your new home. We will photograph and field measure any important pieces of furniture, artwork and rugs that you might be bringing with you.


We present conceptual designs for your home. The schematic design phase is an evolutionary process with your active participation. We will meet with you, design the floor plans and create the exterior elevations, offering you options. We borrow elements from each design and sketch during our meetings. The chosen design may be an amalgamation with elements from different sketches. At our design meetings, we will make any necessary revisions and email them to you for approval, prior to our next meeting. We will refine your desired space allocations, and the relationships of those spaces to one another.


Following your approval of the Schematic Design, Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design will commence with design development. This process includes development of Construction Details; selection of Architectural Products and Materials; and establishing conformance with Building Codes.


As part of the design process we will “build’ 3D Renders and Computer Massing Studies. These tools enable our clients to fully understand their project. As requested, we will build an actual model.

Interior Design

As part of all of our assignments, we provide basic interior design services. We design and create contract documents for interior finishes. We will coordinate with your kitchen and closet designers. We will select new furniture and furnishings with you, visiting showrooms and having samples in our studio. We will suggest placements for your furniture in your new home and provide a layout.

Construction Drawings

Following your approval of the Design Development drawings, Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design will commence with Construction Documents, the technical drawings that instruct your builder exactly how to build your home. Structural and Civil Engineering services will be required and so we will incorporate their work into our Construction Documents. Our Construction Documents are thorough and complete and become a part of your legal document with your General Contractor.

Contract Administration

Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design will act as your representative during the construction phase. We will make periodic field inspections during the construction of your home and hold meetings during construction. These are typically held on a weekly basis and include you, your Builder, and a Licensed Architect from Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design. We will be with you through final installation of your selections.