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Interior Design

Owner Tom Wall often says that a home is your second skin. It should not only be representative of who you are and how you live, but also keep you safe and warm. Designing a home is a deeply personal experience and we want to make sure that the result is exactly what you have always wanted–or never knew you wanted.

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Basic Interior Design Services

As part of all of our assignments, we provide basic interior design services. We design and create contract documents for basic interior finishes. We will specify types of materials and locations of materials. We will coordinate with your kitchen and closet designers.

Refined Interior Design Details and Selections

Custom interior design includes material selections for all of your interiors. We will design special treatments and patterns and provide you with contract documents for all interior finishes. We will select new furnishings and equipment and accessories with you, visiting showrooms and having samples in our studio. We will suggest placements for your furniture in your new home or office and provide the layout.