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Featured in April issue of St. Louis Magazine

As Christy Marshall, Editor of St. Louis Magazine says in the April 2013 issue, “The assignment was plum, but the problem was perplexing for the architects of Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design…How does one design a house for Lindenwood University president Jim Evans and his wife, Lois, that is both comfortable for them and chic enough for entertaining the school’s bigwigs?

“Basically, you design two houses in one 9,200 square foot building.  One has a dining room that looks like a modern take on Downtown Abbey and a living room in a style that would work inside a Ritz-Carlton.  The second sports a cozy kitchen and breakfast noon, hearth room, master-bedroom suite, and casual living on the lower level…”

For more, go to page 46 of St. Louis Magazine, the April 2013 issue.