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Custom Designed Wall Covering by Tom Wall wins Best in Competition

When Tom found out he was going to be a father again, he got right to work.  He custom designed and then produced this graphic skyline, which serves as the wall covering for one side of the nursery.  The coloration of black and white and shades of grey was specifically selected to stimulate the vision of the infant:  in their early development, babies can only see first in black and white and then in greys.

The wall covering depicts an imaginative fictional urban city. The majority of the buildings included in the skyline were created by the architect to represent this fantastic urban environment.  Two of the buildings, however, are real.  The building on the right side, coming up the crib is the Seagram Building  by Mies van der Rohe, an icon of Mid Century Modern Architecture.  Off camera further to the right is the Campanile at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, built in 1951 and designed by Homer Neville and Edward Delk.

The Nursery