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Christy Marshall, editor of At Home Magazine, calls it her “Dream Home”

We are so pleased that a recent home of ours has been prominently featured in At Home Magazine. We especially love this home and it’s thrilling to know that others share our view.  The house is on a private lane in Ladue, MO.  Christy Marshall, Editor-in-Chief of St. Louis’ premier dwell magazine, writes “it;s perfect.  It’s almost as if the architect and the builder were eavesdropping… It’s my dream in every way.” The writer says “It’s a house that makes you feel like you could pull it off-like you’d never have to nag your husband or pick up after the kids or weep over jelly stains on the good sofa.”

The home reflects the fabulous tastes of the owners, Maggie and Jason Desai.  It also reflects and reacts to the places they have previously lived, from narrow Victorian row houses in Chicago and Boston, to a previous Mediterranean House in Ladue.  They love older homes, but wanted the ease of a current home.  They did not want any division between formal and informal living areas.  To accomodate their young family – three children and a dog – we created wide halls. There is great flow throughout the house.

To see the home first hand, pick up your copy of At Home Magazine.  The article starts on page 40!!