Architecture Process


We will meet with you and define your program. This meeting explores your likes and dislikes, requirements, and relationships of spaces. We develop and refine your program as we proceed. As part of the process, we visit your current home to determine how you live, what does and doesn’t work for you, and how you’d like to live at your new home. We photograph and field measure any important pieces of furniture, artwork and rugs that you might bring with you. We then conduct our Site Visit. While at your property, we accurately photograph your site. We would like to walk the grounds with you and together select locations for your new home, garages, outdoor living areas and and other ancillary uses.

Development and Master Plan

We will prepare the master plan, showing the location of the the main house, garage, driveway and entrance, and outdoor living areas and ancillary structures. We will be mindful of Sun Patterns and during design will prepare Sun Studies. We will collaborate with your surveyor or civil engineer to review the features and boundaries of the lot. We will review our plan with you in detail. We will create the Landscape Plan as part of Site and Master Plan.

Conceptual Design & Sketches

We will present conceptual designs for your home. The schematic design phase is an evolutionary process with your active participation. We meet with you, design the floor plans and create the exterior elevations, offering you options. We borrow elements from each design and sketch during our meetings. The chosen design might be an amalgamation with elements from different sketches. At our design meetings, we make any necessary revisions and email them to you for your approval, prior to our next meeting. We will refine your desired space allocations, and the relationships of those spaces to one another.

Design Development & Contract Documents

Following your approval of the Schematic Design, Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design will commence with design development. This process includes development of Construction Details; selection of Architectural Products and Materials; and establishing conformance with Building Codes. As part of the design process we will “build’ 3D Renders and Computer Massing Studies. These tools enable our clients to fully understand their project. As requested, we will build an actual model.

Third Party Consultants

Structural and Civil Engineering services will be required. We will incorporate their work into our Construction Documents. We will work with Landscape Designers on your behalf. We create the Landscape Plan and work with Landscape Designers for the selection of plant materials and the implementation of the Design. If you choose to work with an outside interior designer, then we will work closely with them and create your home to your desires and specifications. We will coordinate with your kitchen and closet designers.

Bidding & Negotiation

Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design will act as your representative during bidding and negotiation. We will introduce you to builders with whom we work, and provide them with the necessary information that they need for their bids. We will provide clarification, and work with their bidders to make sure that all are bidding on the same information and decisions.

Contract Administration

Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design will act as your representative during construction. We will make periodic field inspections during the construction of your home and ensure your home is being constructed to your specifications.

Review of Requests for Payments

We will review your builder’s requests for payments on your behalf.